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  12 juni 2018

Summer school over advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs)

Future Medicines Summer School - Gene & Cell Therapies

July 16th – 20th, 2018

Join the "Future Medicines Summer School - Gene & Cell Therapies" to learn about the promises and challenges of advanced therapies throughout the drug life cycle. In this course we will discuss all aspects of the drug life cycle and how these aspects influence the medicine of the future. From the discovery of suitable drug targets to the development of the actual drug, From delivery to quality control. If we strive for personalized medicine and every drug is unique - how do we ensure quality and safety? Finally, we will address the regulatory and financial aspects of healthcare.

During the week we will welcome excellent speakers from both academia and industry.

See the day-to-day schedule for more information.

Register via the Utrecht Summer School website.


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